The Calm Connect

How it All Happened

I came up with The Calm Connect in 2018 when I was 21 years old. I thought of it when I was at a Vegan Soulfest during the summer. I was fed up with store products, and all the chemicals and filler they used to "preserve shelf life". But when I went to the festival I saw something that moved me. I saw all these people, happy, having fun, enjoying themselves without the use of heavily processed products. Instead of dealing with the products in stores that had more a negative impact than positive they decided to make their own, going a more natural route. And this inspired to me to create what you know now as "The Calm Connect".

My goal for this store is to give people an alternative way to wind down from the hustle and bustle of strenuous work and daily life, through the power of scents! I am constantly thinking of new scents and aromas to mix together to give people that calm, relaxing feeling. So whether its at home, at a workplace, or a study area my products are here to keep you in your happy place!

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