Scented Air Freshener Women

$5.99 USD

Concentrated air freshener for your Car or Home! Also perfect for people who prefer a pocket sized perfume or cologne spray!!

Available in a variety of scents,
Last for days in car once sprayed
Capable of masking all types of unpleasant odors and scents
Comes in 1oz Fine Mist Spray Bottle, (2oz Coming Soon)

Note: When using this product make sure not to over spray area. The fragrance is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way.

Directions: Face spray bottle in the direction you want the scent to be, press spray nozzle and wait a few seconds for alcohol to dissipate, The fragrance chosen will only be left leaving your car or home smelling great!

When in a car, face spray bottle either in the air or towards the ground. Not recommended for leather seats.

Contains: Alcohol and Fragrance


  • Black Woman type
  • Gucci Guilty type *Best Seller*
  • Beyonce Type
  • Creed Amber White type Sold Out
  • Victoria Secret Love Spell
  • Lovely
  • Escada Moonsparkle type
  • Chanel #5 type
  • Versace Bright Crystal type
  • Nicki Minaj Pink Friday type
  • Jimmy Choo type
  • Perry Ellis- 360 type
  • Pink P*ssy
  • Sephora- Pink Sugar type
  • Rihanna Rogue type
  • Rihanna Rebelle type
  • Paris Hilton type
  • DKNY Green Apple type
  • Mariah Carey type
  • Queen Latifah Queen Of Hearts type
  • Dolce And Gabanna Light Blue type
  • Prada Candy type
  • Victoria Secret Gorgeous type
  • Chanel Coco Noir type