Scented Oil 10ml Roller Women

$4.99 USD

A scented perfume oil inspired from famous and popular brands that can be applied on skin and clothes and will leave a soothing fragrance that will last all day!
- Small, and lightweight perfect for purses and handbags and quick application on the go !

- Concentrated Scent, so a little will go a long way!
-Can also be added to an oil burner for a long lasting fragrance throughout your home!

Note: Even though we ran multiple testing sessions with different types of people, we understand that all skin is not the same. So we warn you this may irritate the skin.


  • Gucci Guilty type *Best Seller*
  • Black Woman type
  • Beyonce Type
  • Creed Amber White type Sold Out
  • Lovely
  • Victoria Secret Love Spell
  • Escada Moonsparkle type
  • Chanel #5 type
  • Versace Bright Crystal type
  • Nicki Minaj Pink Friday type Sold Out
  • Jimmy Choo type Sold Out
  • Perry Ellis- 360 type
  • Pink P*ssy Sold Out
  • Sephora- Pink Sugar type
  • Rihanna Rogue type
  • Rihanna Rebelle type
  • Paris Hilton type
  • DKNY Green Apple type Sold Out
  • Mariah Carey type
  • Queen Latifah Queen Of Hearts type
  • Dolce And Gabanna Light Blue type
  • Prada Candy type
  • Victoria Secret Gorgeous type
  • Chanel Coco Noir type
  • Jamaican Fruit
  • Wanted Girl - Azzaro
  • Vanilla