TCC Starter Pack

$17.99 USD Coming Soon

Everything you need to get you and your house and car smelling great! Each starter pack comes with the following:

A Fragrant Soap Bar of your choosing that will leave you feeling refreshed and smelling great for the start of the day.

A 5ml Fragrance Oil Roller filled to the brim with the scent of your choice that can be applied on skin and clothes that will keep your fresh day moving forward and will have people wondering why you smell so good.

A 1oz Concentrated Air Freshener for your car to keep all those stinky (or undesirable) scents out when you're on a calm and relaxing drive.

A 4oz Candle to top it all off when it time to unwind and kick your feet up to relaxing tunes and scents after an eventful day, even better for those stay-in rainy days.

So what are your waiting for ? Order yours to get your scented day started !!

Note: May be a possible skin irritant for people with sensitive skin.